forever young.

peace. calm. tranquil.
this photo is the complete opposite of any of the above words considering the night before.
but somehow its stillness amazes me. i don't know, maybe i'm going a little loony.
i feel like writing but i'm not sure what - currently watching south park in my living room with an essay only one CTRL + TAB press away. that is obviously why i feel like writing.

i'm fed up of talking about university, it is summer term & no one can make their mind up if time should be doubling up its pace in order for summer to be here or if it should slow the fuck down so nothing seems so rushed.
all i have is hope. fingers crossed.
it's just that everything seems to be plodding on almost timelessly.
i just quite fancy something a little extraordinary. silly things.

but it'll come. everyone keep remembering that!
as long as i have my cup of tea and my music in the morning, the day will never be too bad.

two weeks...but who's counting?!