"There are mistakes that I'd like to change, but I don't trip on them too hard."

So Jay Adams said, the original Z-Boy. 
A real quote from a real guy. And why would he? (except for maybe the prison sentences). He did what he loved; what he felt passion for. But knew that this passion was a fragile state of mind. The passion is too easy to damage and at risk of disappearing through the hypes and promises of money, fame and success. Jay (if I may) just wanted to 'keep it real' and be on the streets, taking everything as it comes; holding onto the real, gritty skateboard mentality that has an air of admiration about it.

The Z-Boys. They knew who they were, they knew what they wanted to do and who gave a sh** if it pissed people off. Instead of regurgitating cheesy lines of pondering and love out of chick-flick scripts, films on the skateboard boys show it how is it. None of these perfectly released lovesick lines that make us girls quiver with hope, they just were, they just lived for themselves and the board (nope, not a girl unfortunately). They "seized the moment" without even acknowledging what they were really doing. All they wanted to do was skate.

It's not always going to be happy days, and, amidst the grinding wheels and concrete dreams there's definitely going to be a few rats. So you've got to rise above it; don't let others bring you down. Believe in yourself that you're worth it. even if you're the only one that thinks so.

So on a grander scale, this skateboarder mentality might apply to something else. All I want do is live. Maybe taking a leaf out of a skater's book will cause me inspiration.  
Be real but keep your dreams alive. 
Think the best in people until they prove you otherwise. 
Make sure you laugh as much as you can and take note of when you do. You'll see what's making you happy and make sure you hold on to that.

Mistakes happen, some people suck, everyone hurts and yes, sometimes it's all very unfair. Find out what your passionate about and do it on purpose.