no actual thoughts.

and sometimes we just have to sit down, put the tv on mute, play your favourite songs and think about everything at the same time.
round and round.

things you love, stuff you don't, things you wish hadn't happened, things you're glad that did.
what makes you tick, what makes you squirm. what do you reckon?
i love cheesy lyrics, toast, the word 'beard', lil wayne and positivity.
i hate baked beans (especially in those yogurt pots) and louis walsh.

i love picking up my best friends on the way to uni because we can sing along to radio one before our 9am lectures. and anyone that makes me laugh in a day.
and moments on shiny paper.
i hate spotify adverts.
i love anyone that actually gives a shit. because that's cool.
it only happens once.

k bye with love.