new direction.

sometimes i think i know the roads i know too well.
i would quite like to find some new paths.
like the cute little windy ones when you're not sure where they'll lead. that might be fun.


sometimes, things can be so beautiful when they are blurry. they can leave you feeling giddy with excitement of the unknown.
a blurry photo can represent a crystal clear moment that no one else would ever be able to grasp. the sunset behind the horizon could be anywhere. i know it's not.

but with blurriness there is no understanding, just a sort of teasing. and i don't know about you but to not understand something is the epitome of frustration. not in a 'i'm-being-nosy' way but in a way where to contemplate the situation makes your heart beat a bit faster. whether it's anger, sadness or bitterness.

right now, everything is blurry, it doesn't make sense. not really.
but somewhere, somehow i need to, for my own sake, find some beauty in the blurry.

i hope you feel no more pain & you have found who you are again, wherever you are right now. i miss you everyday.