you spin me right round.

mainly i just like this picture,

there are a few things that aren't cool.

those f'ing heelies are one of them.
but indescribable on a continuum of cool & something i just don't understand is public humiliation to someone similar to you. why would you wish that upon someone?
i'm not trying to say i know exactly what i'm doing all the time or get 'mean girls' on your asses but c'mon now.
i was lucky enough in earlier years to have a group of girls that shared the same thinking, looked out for one another & never experienced grave accounts of 'drama', or not between eachother.
i realise i was blessed. i still am to have them in my life still.

what is the need for malicious judgments online, in an infinite space. whether it's there 10 seconds or 10 minutes.
allow attacking a person on a network of 'friends'. weird.

when you type, you're thinking about what you're writing. it cannot be spontaneous, it is premeditated.

maybe think.
i wish everybody got along, but unfortunately that will never be the case. surely there are too many good things in life to care about vocalising pathetic high-school vendettas.
i am in fact a new coffee fan.
sorry if you find reading this a waste of time. i genuinely think that my brain will explode soon. grrr.

peas & carrots. xX
currently listening to mariah carey 'we belong together'. & loving it.