i was introduced to 'SEND IT' yesterday, first encountered when my friend tim decided to eat a mini pork pie in one mouthful.
"SEND IT" someone shouted.

"can you flick my cigarette over the fence?"

"okay i'm going to do a flip on the trampoline."

"i dunno what to do about this chick."

"but what if...?"
"just SEND IT."

by the end of the day we'd decided that 'send it' was to be our new phrase, basically meaning whatever you want it to but ultimately describing the action of doing something you want done. being active, sorting yourself out, taking a chance or just being a fool (in the fun sense).
we were 'sending' stuff here, there and everywhere.

perhaps this is why yesterday became a day to remember in more ways than one.
a formal occasion in the morning didn't put us in the best frame of mind but quickly time became a celebration, attitudes towards the 23rd june began to change and it didn't take long for our silly chattings and antics to plaster big smiles over our faces.

i turned up to the trampoline garden, everyone now out of their suited and booted attire and jumping like maniacs on the squeaky toy. I undid my boot laces and was adamant to get involved immediately.
"do a flip kel, send it."
aaaaaaaah, my mind was so on it. had to practice with my hands, then gained some confidence and started bouncing a little higher. the feeling when you're absolutely prepared to flip yourself over and you wimp out is so overwhelming. i started to get angry. i could definitely do this!
"SEND IT!!!"
fuck it. jumped, neck tucked, body curled in the air and i landed 360 degrees later, still in tact!
it felt amazing.
(obviously tim had to 'send' the flip after a girl had; he is now better than me but at least his motivation came from somewhere!)

it was then time to take the rubber dinghy to haversham river so that the boys could 'send it' and row themselves along. well it worked and i couldn't help feeling pretty proud of them, must have been going for about an hour, definitely until it was dark.
i did some more of my own 'send its' last night but a blog doesn't mean you have to go into every minor detail, i'll keep some bits to meself. i started to think that 'SEND IT' was more about spontaneity and getting a thrill out of something.

so whatever, these are all little things as the consequence of our 'sending it' but they make all the difference. just don't think twice. get excited.
as i'm writing this it all sounds pretty youthful; i have absolutely no problem with this.
excitement is wonderful.
yes there are levels of it; over-excitement is a pain in the ass but that's besides the point.
give a shit, even 'send it' to people.
but they aren't excited about you, then find someone that is.
you totes deserve it.

i fully encourage everyone to SEND IT and see what happens.

peas & carrots. xx